J.K. Jain Realty

Hassle-free Delhi/NCR real estate sale, purchase, and management for NRIs.

With over 40 years of experience in Delhi and NCR real estate, we offer a range of services tailored to the needs of Non-Resident Indians.

We take care of everything involved with the sale, purchase, renting, and maintenance of real estate. Our services include:

  • Purchase and sale of property with all due diligence and legal documentation.
  • Reinvestments of sale proceeds in real estate, shares, mutual funds, and fixed-income instruments.
  • Capital gains reinvestment in a residential house for tax exemption.
  • Lease and maintenance of the property.
  • All income tax work including getting approval for a reduction in TDS for non-residents.
  • Support with remittance of foreign exchange.
  • Freehold conversion from leasehold.
  • Registration and mutation with MCD for property tax.
  • Name change with utilities.

About Me

Hello! I’m Jinesh Kumar Jain. I am a Chartered Accountant, and real estate consultant with over 40 years of experience with real estate, taxation, and investments in Delhi NCR. I have helped many people with real estate sales and purchases and also built a strong portfolio for myself.

At J.K. Jain Realty, our services cover everything from handling legal paperwork during property sales, assisting with income tax, to helping with foreign exchange transfers. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and reliable services. If you’re looking to navigate the Delhi NCR real estate market, We are here to help ensure a smooth journey.

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